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We have staff specialized in providing healthcare for all ages and stages of life and especially pride ourselves on providing healthcare for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities
What is Energy Healing?

There are many forms of energy healing available today.  We all have energy fields and over time, blockages may appear.  By working with an energy healing practitioner, one may become able to resolve or minimize such imbalances, leading to great transformation and a sense of well-being.

Juliana Leamen started her journey in 2001 and since then became a Reiki level 3 practitioner.  Her technique has evolved and she now offers a combination approch, with focus on heart activations and energy balancing.  Hands are placed over the main 7 Chakras and energy is exchanged to give the client a sense of wellness and peace.  Each session is unique and it depends on the client's needs, but an overall sense of balance and joy is often experienced.

What is Bach Flower Essences?

The essences are a series of remedies discovered by Dr. Bach the 1930's. Each remedy relate to a specific emotional or mental state and Juliana will help determine what custom blend is right for your needs.
Bach Flower Essences can help with many emotions, including: anxiety, fears, grief, finding your path in life, exhaustion, procrastination, disappointment, anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, dislike of one's body, obsessive behaviours, apathy, relationship problems and more.
The remedies target the individual, and not the symptom itself, based on the understanding that the same symptomatology may have different root causes. After all his years in the medical field, Dr. Bach, an accomplished London Medical Doctor, surgeon, bacteriologist and homeopath, understood that our physical body and emotinal body cannot be seen as separate entities when in search for balance and wellness.  His remedies are a safe and effective way to peel the "onion layers" to help individuals go deeper and achieve remarkable results.  They can also be used by children and pets and a custom mixture will be made just for you.

Juliana Leamen started her journey with the remedies many years ago and she has seen great results over the years.  She holds a level 2 Bach Flower certificate and is in the process of becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRP) in 2019.

How can the remedies help you?
After an initial assessment and conversation, Juliana will determine what combination of remedies is best suited for your needs.  A customized mixture will be prepared and will last you about 3-4 weeks.  After a follow-up, a determination will be made if the mixture needs to be adjusted or if only a re-fill is required.  The remedies help you "peel the onion layers", so different emotions are targeted at different stages of your journey.

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